Working From Home

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we have decided that all Volume team members will work remotely.

Fortunately, we operate in an online environment, which enables us to work remotely without disruption. We also have a number of tools to ensure the Volume team is fully operational no matter where we are working. We will continue to provide digital services as usual and provide you with the same high level of support that you currently receive.

To ensure your needs are actioned promptly by us, we would be grateful if any emails you send could please include the following address in the cc field: info@volume.net.au

Naturally, we will also be available for phone calls as our office phones will be diverted. Therefore, if you have any urgent requests, please call 9108 1441 during business hours.

It is a challenging time for us all, but hopefully it won’t last too long! Take care and please keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

We are looking forward to returning to the office working environment soon, but until then we will continue to provide a high level of services to you remotely.