HomeGround Social Media Transformation

One month, a 2,000% increase in engagements and a 21,000% increase in post link clicks. That’s the difference a social media strategy and carefully curated content can have.

We started working with HomeGround Real Estate at a pro-bono rate a couple of months ago. As one of Melbourne’s oldest digital agencies we have the privilege to choose clients who’s values we align with, and we are very proud to be working with this enterprise. HomeGround is a premium real estate and social enterprise. All of their profits are funnelled back into the community through Launch Housing to help end homelessness.

Our focus was to build a social media presence for HomeGround to create a distinct brand that would inspire people to use their services and give back to the community. The strategy involved organic and paid content across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

One of the most significant improvements, was setting up the company LinkedIn as well as personal LinkedIn for the Company Director. This last year LinkedIn has grown from a site mostly used by HR departments, to one of the fastest growing social media networks, with nearly 700 million active users.

Within a month of working with HomeGround their social media had led to an increase in customers signing on and using the service. They had an increase in engagement and had established a unique brand online. This was all during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Social media has continued to grow during the pandemic. It has become an essential tool for any business to succeed, and is more important than ever.

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